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One of the best classes I’ve taken

Water Law and Policy, undergrad organic chemistry, and high school AP History are the best taught courses I’ve ever taken, and not just because I did well in them. I’m an asshole, and GRE’d my second semester o chem class because I got a C. Didn’t really learn more on my second pass, but got a better grade (I was there on a scholarship, so it didn’t cost me anything).

Just exceptionally well taught courses by people who had a passion for their subject matter. My high school history teacher is currently the principal at one of the highest rated public high schools in our state (and my local school), my O chem professor is now developing an “organic chemistry for non science majors” course based on the chemistry behind art restoration (awesome), and my most recent water law and policy professor is an active consultant in my state.


I’ve been seriously stressing about everything lately. I took on a course load this semester which I knew was going to push me. Did great on midterms but was wasted afterwards. Took a roadtrip with my dog out to the Salton Sea and Slab City to clear my head. Just wondered around through the backwoods of southern California.

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Thought I was good, but had my whole schedule and workload thrown out of whack by this virus. Completely fucked me up.

Feels good to have accomplished at least something so far.

Can’t rest yet as I still have a soils and groundwater contamination final to complete, and I still need to put the finishing touches on an algal biosystems project and finish organizing my research project a bit more so the uni will let me finish it over the summer. Talked with the CEO of the development company I’m actually doing the project for, and he’s fine with where I’m at, but the University is riding my ass. Dealing with academics, while already working in industry for a decade and hustling all sorts of projects over the last is pretty frustrating. Very little adaptability, which is what all my studies -and experiences have taught me is crucial to survival.


And then I have like sixty assignments to grade.

Small victories.

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Anyways, probably picking up a new pup tomorrow. Beautiful blue pit mix that was found wandering around in traffic.

Stay sane, Oppo.

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