Show up at a car show in your $1100 reasonably clean vintage motorcycle and park it next to some dude’s $100k ‘67 camaro restoration and proceed to fit in just fine.

One of my exhaust bits fell off on the highway at some point today... $7 at the muffler shop later and they flared me up some 1.5" tubing I can cut later and weld some mufflers onto it so my damn ears can stop bleeding. A straight-piped 500 v-twin sounds good but... when you’re right on top of it it gets tiring at 70mph @ 6800rpm or so.

EDIT: One of the weirdest things about the CX is that at idle it sounds like any old lazy torquey Harley whatever the hell but it’s a super short stroke engine with super short gears so when you accelerate you’re shifting more like a sport bike. It’s bizarre. I’ve ripped through three gears by the time I hit 35mph.