Went to a Motus test ride day. I found his experiance VERY intresting. This might put me off from them.

So I went and test rode the legendary “Motus MST” on saturday at “Rocket Moto Sport” in Nashua NH. I’ve been following the motus story for about 3 years now and am a huge enthusiast of what they are doing. I signed up for the test ride mailing list last September. When I got the call last month to confirm my spot I was downright giddy. The woman from Rocket Moto asked a series of questions ultimately driving at how serious of a potential buyer I was. I told her that with EBR out of business the Motus MST is currently the ONLY new bike I would be interested in buying but that 35k WOULD be in the stratosphere of what I could ever imagine spending on a bike. Day of the event, Lee Conn the president and Co founder of Motus was there and was leading the test rides. No Doubt looking over my well seasoned “Bilt” and “Fieldsheer” riding gear while I was signing the paperwork Lee aproached, and without introduction his first words where “are you thinking of buying a Motus?” I told him what I told her and he made brief mention of 84 month financing and walked away.
A bit later outside, listening to him talk to our group about the bike I was exited to hear about all the ways the MST was a better designed and engineered bike. What we got instead was a pompous lecture of how EXPENSIVE the literal nuts and bolts of the bike where to produce vs the hardware that ducati uses, the obligatory stats and impressive numbers, and a condemnation of the rest of the entire motorcycle industry for fooling us stupid consumers into buying a bike that doesn’t already have a Sargent seat, Givi bags, Heli Bars, and Akripovic exhaust. There was not one bit of enthusiasm for the way the bike rides feels, sounds, inspires, or exites the rider. Just a 20 minute “my toys are more expensive than theirs” speach.
After test riding his (truly wonderful) machine I shook his hand and thanked him for the ride and began to explain what I loved about his creation. He very quickly and coldly cut me off asking “Yeah? What color are you going to buy?” I asked when they are going to be available and he replied “pre order today and they will be here in 8-16 weeks, that’s why I am here, to SELL BIKES” then abruptly turned and walked off to sniff out richer blood.
For me buying a motorcycle is nothing like buying an appliance. Nor is it like buying posh cloths or jewelry. It’s much more emotional than that. I want to feel viscerally connected to the machine, and have a mutual appreciation for the engineering and craftsmanship with its creators and fellow enthusiasts. Unfortunately it seems to me that Lee Conn is trying to cultivate a community of elitist Motus OWNERS rather than passionate Motus RIDER’S. (But hey I guess that buisness model has worked out pretty well for other American motorcycle manufacturers so what the heck right?)
The Bike was however INCREDIBLE to ride and the fit and finish really was second to none. Unbelievable power everywhere, very compliant chassis, and sporty yet all day ergonomics. Most importantly it does inspire admiration of the mechanics and the kind of emotions you only get from an American hot rod. If I do decide to buy one I would be happy to deal with the friendly and knowledgeable folks at Rocket Moto Sport who probably spent more one on one time with me happily discussing the “IXS carbon mesh 3” gloves I ended up buying from them than Lee did “selling” me the bike.

Story and Photo by Dan white.