Do People Still Write Checks?

One of the little things I want for my Jetta is a set of OEM all season ‘Monster Mats’. I don’t, however, want to buy a new set because a) they cost $100 and b) they don’t sell them with the model name on them anymore, just blank. I had a set in my allroad, and the Jetta is really playing on my nostalgia.

I found this set in great shape with all their clips intact on Craigslist, but in least 100 miles from me. I reached out to the seller and asked if he would ship, and if I could pay via PayPal. He said no problem shipping, but he doesn’t have any of the now-ubiquitous electronic money transfer options: PayPal, Venmo, even Apple Pay!


So I asked how I can pay him, and he told me to send him a check. I honestly hadn’t even thought of that as an option, not because I don’t want to send a check, but because I forgot that checks exist. Do people still write checks? I’m about to for the first time in years to score a cheap set of floor mats, but do people still do that regularly?

I don’t worry about sending it because it’s like no money, and the guy seems cool...good shipping price, and offered to send me any change he gets shipping. Hopefully by next week I’ll be looking at floor mats instead of my ripped up carpet.

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