Remember how I told you I accepted a job in Georgetown, and it was a good job, and I was moving to DC for it? Well, I’m still moving to DC but now I might have to take a different job. I don’t know. It’s weird. Companies keep throwing more stuff at me. What the hell?

Job A: Georgetown, with free parking and/or transit reimbursement. Manager title, good salary & benefits.

Job B: Tyson’s Corner, free parking because of course it is, it’s not Georgetown. Manager title, little bit higher salary (by a 4-figure amount) than Job A, and I’d be in line to replace the Director who’s hiring me, because she wants to step back to working 30 hours a week and have a successor lined up. If/when that happens I’d get a 5-figure raise and be eligible for a yearly bonus. Could be in 6-12 months, maybe longer, it’s not guaranteed, and of course I’d have to not suck at my job.

Don’t ask me how this is happening. I haven’t even really been negotiating for this stuff. All I did was tell Job B exactly what Job A’s offer was, and that their initial offer, and their follow-up offer, were pretty far below Job A, but Job A was waffling on maybe making their job temp-to-hire instead of a direct hire.

I told Job A that I had a lower offer from Job B, but it wasn’t any temp-to-hire crap, and Job A got rid of their temp-to-hire crap. With how much higher the salary was than even Job B’s first counter, I figured that was my best option, thanked Job B for their interest, and told them I was going to take Job A. I did take Job A.


If I’m being honest with myself, Job B offers a better career progression path, both within the company and if I were to look at others in a few years. Also it could be a lot more lucrative. Working in Georgetown would be kind of appealing for being able to walk to get tasty lunches (or join boutique workout cults like Barre3 or SoulCycle) but I don’t know if that’s a good enough reason to take Job A for what is now less money and ok but not as good career prospects.

Maybe Job B thought I was negotiating? Maybe I actually was, by accident? Oops? So, um, I guess maybe now I have to take Job B? I accepted Job A’s offer because with the temp-to-hire BS removed, it had been significantly better than Job B’s first counter. If I want Job B now, I’ll have to back out of Job A, which feels a little shitty, but such is life.

Don’t even get me started on trying to find a place to live, that’s a whole other mess. I was close to having a place lined up in Rockville which I may still do but man, Rockville to Tyson’s is a bear of a commute. Rockville to Georgetown also sucks but I felt like maybe it would be sorta manageable along Canal Rd depending on time of day. Rockville to Tyson’s, I know I’m absolutely fucked. My inner optimist keeps saying “it’s only 15 miles!” but I know better than to listen to my inner optimist when it comes to DC traffic.


I found another possibility in VA that’s halfway from Seven Corners to Bailey’s Crossroads (the address says Falls Church). Both are 1-car garage townhouses but the VA one is 230 sq ft smaller, and $200/month more expensive, than the already expensive Rockville one.

If I end up living in the Rockville one I’d probably also end up going to the same gym as my mom. That is of course if I ever make it back across the American Legion bridge in time to go back to work the next morning.