Can’t really tell in this picture, but there’s a pretty good dent in the oil pan. Although I doubt it’s big enough throw off the oil level readings.

Anyhoo. Actually did some work on it today, I know shocking. That said, it’s been a very reliable car, which is a nice change.

I changed the oil, air filter, and was gonna do the brake and clutch fluid, but the bleeder screws on this thing have this giant flare on the end, so I couldn’t fit my tubing over them and was too lazy to go to the store and buy bigger tubing.

Then I decided I’d just suck the fluid out of the reservoirs and replace that. But I decided against it, because they’re so tiny I’m scared I’ll accidentally suck too much out and get air into the master cylinders, which is a mistake I’ll never make again lol.


And I also checked the timing belt, and it’s fine. When I bought it, the guy said he’d recently had the water pump done, but when I asked him about the timing belt, he said he didn’t know or have the receipt anymore. Which may sound suspicious, but for a car like this, I don’t really think so.

I forgot to take a picture of it, but it’s brand spanking new, so I’m guessing they did it along with the water pump.


So yeah, did some things, but not as many things as I would’ve liked to. That said, this is a nice little luxury hatchback. It does everything you need it too, but it’s a big enough of a POS you don’t care if a shopping cart rolls into it, or you get brake fluid on the paint. Plus it’s been very reliable so far and parts for it are cheap and easy to replace.

It’s a good boi Oppo.