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One of the saddest Elises I have ever seen. (updated)

I've lived in Pensacola for a year and a half now. I have driven by this 2005/2006 midnight blue Elise parked on the street, outside of a community church. I went to check it out today, and I found a poor Elise in terrible shape.

It doesn't look horrendous from afar, but when you get closer you realize exactly what is going on, and why it hasn't moved.


If you look closely you see a homebuilt metal box where the engine goes as well as those metal sheets. I have never seen this before so this makes the mystery even larger.

The engine and radiator have been taken out of the car, the trunk is full of air duct parts that have been removed from the intakes. I'm not sure if this was an attempted project car or if something more malicious went on. The body work on the car is in good shape. It even has the original star shield Lotus installed from the factory.


The soft top is in good condition as well, but this poor car is doomed to the street. While I was checking out the car, a nearby angry homeowner walked over to me thinking I was the owner of the car, to give me a piece of his mind. He explained to me when the flood happened last April, the 30 inches of rain moved the car into his yard and broke a water main on his house. The owner snuck in at night and hand pushed the Lotus back into the spot you see it at today. The angry homeowner said it has been sitting for more than three years.


I have a question for the community, flood damage is not good, the elise is a barebones car as is. Can fiberglass be flooded and still reused or is this car not even eligible to be a parts car?


UPDATED: I reposted this on lotus forums and they were able to work their magic and crack open the history of this car. The car and owner are originally from Arizona, where he began the conversion to electric to keep it cheaper than a Tesla and homebuilt. He eventually couldn't go any further with the project and began to sell off everything. In 2012 he wanted $27,000 for it. I got in contact with the owner who began the electric conversion and he sold it to a guy in Florida. It's sat for three years now, been in a flood and the license plate never changed from AZ. I imagine he wants to unload it. I'm trying to get the new owners name so I can track down his address and see if we can make a deal. Behold the power of the internet.

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