I was driving home from work today, and a first generation Touareg pulled out in front of me with less room than I would’ve liked. He gunned it, and that’s when I was surprised to learn that it was straight-piped, or close to it, and a V8. He had an ‘N’ magnet on the back, a requirement for new drivers in BC that don’t have their full license yet. There was a weird sound coming from it that I couldn’t identify, I thought maybe it was something wrong with it mechanically, or maybe it was super weird music. I wound up beside him at a red light, with my windows down, and as I pulled up I learned it was “music”, to use the term loosely. The stereo was cranked to what I assume was the max, with the bass and treble likewise cranked fully. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t by any means the first time I’ve heard someone play loud, bass heavy music from their car. This was probably the loudest music I’ve ever heard from a car, it hurt my ears from inside my car. Windows down, but still. Vibrated the whole car too, a weird combination of all-encompassing bass, and piercing, distorting highs. I looked over to see who was driving a straight-piped, but otherwise stock Touareg, and attempting to deafen themselves rapidly. I was confused to see that it was not a teenager, but a man in his mid to late 40s, with wraparound sunglasses and a shit-eating grin, and someone in the passenger seat. He noticed me looking as the light turned green, turned the music down, and yelled something like “You can really tell when we’re trying”, or “You can really tell that we’re trying”, or something along those lines. He then floored it away, and cranked the “music” back to eardrum-rupturing levels.

People are weird.

And seriously, my ears just stopped hurting, and this happened like half an hour ago.