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Three 707s and a B-52 at Boeing Field, 1958
Three 707s and a B-52 at Boeing Field, 1958
Photo: Smithsonian Museum

This came across my tumblr feed this morning, and it’s too important not to share. Did a GIS, and found a description on Wiki:

“POISED ON THE FLIGHT LINE in Seattle, Wash., Are the first three 707-121 aircraft with Pratt & Whitney JT3C6 engines awaiting delivery to Pan American World Airways in 1958. Aircraft N711PA (foreground) was the jetliner which inaugurated the first regular US jet transport service on Oct. 26, 1958 with a flight between New York and Paris. “ Left side view from slightly above of Boeing Model 707-121 (r / n N710PA) on the Boeing factory flight line in Seattle, Washington. In background are seen r / n N710PA (center) and beyond, r / n N709PA; a U.S. Air Force Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is seen at far left background.


711 and 710 both had long careers; both were scrapped in 1984. 709, however, was destroyed in 1963 after being struck by lightning while in a holding pattern for Philadelphia Int’l.

I’m assuming that’s an R/B-52B at the back, but the tail number isn’t clear enough to read.

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