So my wife said we can get a Fiesta ST, and there is one in town at another dealer that fits the bill (it has a moonroof we don't care about but I'll see if I can use it to haggle down the price).

We are going to to dealer tonight to sign stuff and I am both excited and scared. I am terrible at haggling and don't really know how to go about it. I've set the ball in motion for a bank draft for the downpayment so I'd rather stay with the dealer I've gone to (plus the other dealer is in the sketchy side of town, although I guess I could just service it at the dealer closest to me).

What sort of advice do you guys have? I need to set up insurance before I grab it, right? Do I need to bring plates? Or can I swing by a registry on the way home (I live in Alberta, CA)?

In conclusion,