"One of us! One of us!"

Jeopardy! Contestant Lane (didn’t catch his last name) from tonight, when asked about himself by good ol Alex Trebek, said that when he was younger, he always wanted a blue BMW M3 Convertible but they were too expensive for him. But now, because of the wonders of depreciation and the used car market, he snagged his dream car and because it’s an older BMW, it’s kind of beat to shit. But that didn’t stop him from buying it and fixing/restoring it for the past 2 years, and he still continues to work on it to this day! This is an Oppo waiting to happen, all he needs now is a Kinja account and to sell his soul to For Sweden for authorship and them boom! We have a new member with some good write-ups! If someone could reach out to him and get him on board, that would actually be really cool. That is all. Go back to Oppo-ing.


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