One Of You Is A Sh*tbag

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There WAS a particular FB group dedicated to those civilized individuals of all genders who prefer shifty bois to auto slushbox crap stains that got deleted. One of you did it. One of you got the group banned from the Zuckerberg MySpace and I’m not pleased. Some may even say that I’m upset. Not many, but some.


Here’s the truth of the matter: it was a gruff group of mostly edgy Millennials who told naughty jokes [I am a Gen Xer who mostly rolled my eyes at said jokes, but usually just grabbed a bucket o’ popcorn and watched the ensuing shit show] and judged people on how “Elite” their daily driver was. I understand why it might have been taken down, but just know that there is a formal investigation underway by high up people who share my concerns regarding the bannification of said group. We will find you. And since we’re not Liam Neeson, we won’t kill you, but we might give you a firm noogie. Maybe even a Wedgie. We don’t know yet, as final votes are being taken tomorrow. But the punishment shalt not ain’t be pleasant to most!

You’ve been warned.

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