One, Or Two?

As I ranted, it’s time to swap the snow tires on. (OK, a bit early, but I’m flat out the next few weeks and have no garage or time until Thanksgiving or so, and it could snow before then.) But here’s my major conundrum.

Last year, I dipped my stock wheels gold, because gold wheels are a requirement on a World Rally Blue Subaru. They look all right. Then, over the winter, I snagged a great deal on a set of actual gold wheels, which I threw a set of MPSS on and use in the summer. The gold of the dipped stock wheels don’t look nearly as good as the OZs, but they still get the idea across. I’m wondering whether to leave the dip on, or peel it off and go back to the stock look, not even trying to look as cool as the OZs.


Here’s the stock look (the day I picked it up).

Here’s the dipped look. The gold is no longer as bright as it seems in this picture, while the stock look ought to be as good as new since it’s been protected and off the car the past six months.

What does Oppo think? One, or two?


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