One Owner ’73 Citroen SM For Sale

Update: Self rotating headlights were not featured on the US model (pictured below). Thanks to duurtlang.

It is a car chock full of innovations, the Citroen SM features rotating headlights, self leveling nitrogen suspension, hydro-pneumatic assisted steering, rain sensing wipers and inboard mounted disc brakes on all four corners. Keep in mind the car was launched in 1970.

An original one owner Citroen SM is listed on eBay for $24,500. The car was repainted once in the original metallic brown paint, has original paperwork, and is equipped with the desirable 3.0 liter V6 Maserati engine paired with a five speed manual transmission.


The SM's paint looks like it would benefit from a good buffing, and the leather on the front seat corners is worn, but on the whole the car appears for be in good driving condition.

The green balls pictured in the last photo are filled with nitrogen gas and are an innovate feature that helps to ensure a plush ride.



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