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One possible aspect of behind low energy prices

I was reading this article regarding the oil glut and the little oil spat between Russia and Saudi Arabia:


One aspect of this, of course, is all the other producers, such as the US and Canadian oil producers, are getting caught in the middle and are getting screwed over.

But when thinking of ‘screwing people over’, that naturally makes me think of Donald Trump... and Putin.


And it occurred to me that here might be more to this Russia-Saudi oil spat than it seems.

I read a while back that Trump and Putin aren’t quite the best buddies they used to be.

Given that Putin wanted to use Trump to get more normalized relations with the US, and that didn’t happen, I wonder if this little oil spat has the ulterior motive to screw over Trump and his supporters because he’s decided he’d like to see Trump replaced.

And I’m sure Trump’s recklessness with Iran isn’t exactly making the Saudis happy either.


So maybe this might be also partly about screwing over Trump and his oil-industry supporters, but doing it in a way that Trump and his gang will never realize it... or never have enough proof to justify retaliation.

These thoughts are probably far-fetched.

They’re just some musings that popped into my mind and there is no way we will ever know for sure.


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