One Problem After Another

After another couple weeks of waiting around, the head gaskets for the 383 finally showed up, and I picked them up on Tuesday. This means I could finally measure for pushrods and get those ordered. Over the course of the week’s evenings I got the cam installed and timed, and today I mocked up one of the heads so I could measure for pushrods.

Bolts are just snug, don’t want to compress the gasket yet

Except when I went to put the rocker studs in the head, they weren’t there. Emptied the whole box, I have a bag of guide plates but no rocker studs. The 7/16" studs were an extra cost upgrade I paid for, but alas they are nowhere to be found. I can’t measure for pushrods without the rockers in place, which I can’t put in place without the studs...

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