One Side Out

Started pulling the drive shafts out of the ‘68 Saab today.


These cars do not use the now familiar tripod joint on the inner axle. For reasons I will never be able to determine, the PO removed the bushings that fit over the ends of the T here... one of them was in the bottom of the engine compartment - the other was in the trunk for some reason??? I have no idea what they were trying to do. On the other side of the car both bushings were laying on the inside of the engine compartment. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like the car was driven this way.

Next I have to remove the A-arms and the spring.


The mutilated springs. Somebody tried to lower this car by welding a few turns of the springs together and chopping the bump stop off. Idiot. So now I need knew springs, and bump stops. I don’t trust that spring at all, so I’m probably going to just compress it enough to take the pressure off the spring seat, unbolt it, and slide everything out together.

After that, just needs some rust repair, some and some extra metal to reinforce the suspension.

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