One Step Closer

Got the wiring harness for the CX500 all laid out on my floor and pretty much everything is working! New ignition cylinder arrived today, and while the stock mounting location is currently MIA I’m sure I’ll be able to figure out someplace to put it. Tomorrow I’ll go throw this and my new carbs in the general direction of the motorcycle and see if I can get it to fire up!


Re-shape/reupholster super generic Amazon cafe seat

Do some soldering on my hand controls

Accordion fork dust gaiters

Mount hall effect speedo sensor

Run tach wire

Weld up new smaller mufflers at a 45-degree upsweep

Battery mount

Remove dent from tank

Paint tank

Paint frame

New rear shocks


Obviously a lot of that is going to wait until I have an actual workshop to work on this thing but the super necessary parts should be doable in my closet-sized storage unit.



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