One step closer to a finished product

In preparation for this weekend’s car show I got the hoodscoop for the jag in primer using some of eastwood’s 2k spray can polyester primer. It lays down very nice for a spray can, if a bit thin but that’s to be expected with a spray can. (For reference: at my work when we spray polyester primer we use a specific gun with a 2.5mm needle tip, a regular primer gun would have a 1.5-1.8 tip, whereas a color basecoat gun would use a 1.3).

Before, after I sprayed a layer of epoxy primer for a corrosion barrier.

The biggest downside is how small the can is, I ended up using the whole thing on the scoop and the surrounding area, but I did get decent coverage out of it and all the lines seemed to turn out well so I’ll finish waiting for it the fully cure and then block it to see. Then I’ll do another layer of epoxy since polyster primers absorb moisture faster than a typical urethane primer.

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