One Step Closer Trans Am Moving Plan Day ∞

Just scheduled a rental of a U-Haul car trailer.

It was $10 more than a simply dolly, and for that price I get lights that I would need to add to the car on the dolly to be 100% legal (only going 12 miles but w/e)


Now to convince U-Haul next month that my car is SIGNIFICANTLY lighter than it is, and that our Durango’s hitch can accommodate it and the trailer just fine.

Because yes, I own a pickup truck without a trailer hitch. Don’t @ me.

We close on the house April 20th, have a mover scheduled for Saturday the 21st, and if things go as planned I can pick up the car trailer Monday at the U-Haul down the road from me, grab the car and whatever else we leave behind, and get it to the new house that night.

The rest of the week will be spent cleaning and spackling holes in the walls.... we got a call from our landlord yesterday they have someone signing a lease on our old place already, and they want to move in May 1st. Giving the landlord Friday and the weekend to get the place ready and re-painted... something they DIDN’T do for us, mind you.

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