As my response TFritch is not into that whole brevity thing’s post was long, I thought you all might enjoy it as well.

That 911 though looks so great. Who cares about the mileage or if it isn’t perfect. No car will ever be prefect and the fact it has k=miles means someone actually cared about it enough to enjoy it and not own it as an investment.

If I had been able to buy my friends 1978 911sc back in highschool, the odometer probably would have rolled over by now. I had bugged her for years (backstory: she is my mother’s age, but growing up sailing with her and my mom, we became friends) to get the car driving. It was a black 911sc that had be race prepped at one point. Her and her late husband used to race them. At their last race with her car something wasn’t feeling right after they were told someone tampered with the car and they garaged it. Years later he passed, she sold his car, and her’s stayed in the garage. Well after enough badgering she got it into a friends shop and made driveable. What they had found was their rival had ground off bolts on the rear that would have allowed the car to fall apart on the track. Which is fucking scary. But it was all fixed up, we drove around in it a couple times and she said she would sell it to me for $10,000 if I could come up with the money. Anytime, didn’t need to be then. So as I saved my pennies for a couple years plus mom was going to help out cause I needed a car anyway, but then she sold it to a friend that had heard she got it fixed and running. Sold her Surban too and bought a Prius. Yeah I know! I really wish I had been able to buy her car. Not for the wealth of what it would be worth now, but because it was her car and there was a story and it meant something to me. Maybe I should try to find it, but I know I could not afford it.

That is me and the car... I still have that jacket, but it is ruined and tattered.


It is one of those cars I may forever regret letting get away and one I will always be upset about her selling off. I still have a deep desire to own hers and maybe one day, hopefully sooner than later, I can get the buyers information and try to buy it back. I want to own her’s, I don’t know why, but I just have to have that one, though I’d love to have the “big”  ducktail. It was a black on black non sunroof model. I can’t quite remember, but I believe it didn’t have a wing. Along with the black center Fuchs, I just fell in love. Maybe that is the issue, I am still in love with that particular 911...

example pic


Wing Example