I like the ebay challenges on Jalopnik. They’re fun.

But I haven’t bought anything off ebay for years due to the big problem ebay has with shill proxy bidders.

Basically they’re bogus proxy bidders who are created by the seller to drive up the price. Sometimes they even “win” and then you get a lame “second chance to buy this item” email because the winning bidder “backed out”. That was my direct first hand experience when trying to buy some old computer parts a few years ago.

Also I tried selling on ebay before... and their automatic shipping charges do not work properly with Canada Post. On top of that, the fees ebay charges were/are ridiculous.

Fuck you ebay and all the crooks on there. You suck. I do all my car buying on carpages.ca, kijiji.ca, craigslist.org and autotrader.ca.

There was a time ebay was a good place to buy/sell stuff... but that was over a decade ago.