Why are critical thinking skills so hard when things aren’t perfect?

Coming home from work last night (and while at work), there was incredibly heavy downpour. Had flash flooding warnings all over the Cincinnati area for most of the night. Driving towards downtown, I got to an underpass where water was building up and once I saw that a pickup, yes a pickup lost a bumper in the water, I knew it was too high and pulled to the shoulder. I did this because 1. I knew it was too high and 2. I didn’t want people honking forcing me through the water because assholes. For the next 5 minutes I watched people go through the water and my mood changed from screaming “don’t go through it!!!!!” To fuck it, not my idiocy, not my problem. Why do people not think about these things? I would imagine everyone should know water and engines don’t mix, but I guess I really must be overestimating the public.

In the first pic, the last few cars tried going through. Finally everyone stopped.


A couple bros lost their B6 A4. My guess is they were sick of the maintenance and it was a perfect time to kill it /s

At the highest, both guardrails were under water and I had to get people to move back so people wouldn’t get stuck in the water while waiting. Ended up being stranded for 1.5 hours but got through.


In total, about 6-8 cars hydrolocked (including the Audi and a nice newer S-class). Play stupid games, win stupid prizes I suppose.