One Time...

I got in trouble at work for sexual harassment of the “creating a hostile environment,” variety.

This was about 2001 and I was in a training class for a call center job at a major insurance company.


One of the women in the class had married a man 40 years her senior and frequently talked about the “financial stability,” and “maturity,” that her marriage to a 64-year-old man afforded her. She was only really working “to get out of the house,” and because I sat near her, I heard this every day.

One day, one of the other people in class asked her about something and she started with the “never worry about money,” etc.

I said, “oh. So you took a ride on the geriatric gravy train.”

The room fell silent. The trainer, a woman who thought it was hilarious, took me into a conference room and explained that she was going to have to do a corrective action notice. Her exact words were, “Steve. Don’t say that shit out loud.”


So when I found out my manager’s name was [I promise I am not making this up] DeOnna Diamond, I didn’t say anything about how her parents gave her a stripper name.

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