I hit my head on the knee-knockers more than once. It hurt.

Wasn’t there an article a little while back about one-pedal driving? They’re 45 years late.

But not really. Conveniently, the pedal hanger for auto and manual A bodies are the same, the difference is if the pin that the brake pedal hangs from has a clutch pedal welded to it or not (and the width of that brake pedal). This afternoon I removed the auto pin and brake pedal and put in a clutch + brake setup. Took about 15 minutes (I’m looking at you and that Mustang, Jake).

I have the rubber pads for these but haven’t put them on yet for whatever reason. I’ll probably wish I did them on the bench when I’m laying in the footwell fighting with it.

I then got to take it all back out because the pin for the brake clevis juuuuust barely didn’t fit through the hole on the pedal arm. I made sure to check that the clutch rod fit before putting it back together (which, while not awful, isn’t really easy just because it’s so far up in the dash).

Brakes are hooked back up, clutch pedal is just flopping around. The bumpstop I got doesn’t fit, and I still need to drill a big hole in a plate to run the rod into the engine bay through a funny-looking boot (note the hole in the picture above). After that, all that’s left is everything else! (pull Powerglide, flywheel, clutch, rest of clutch linkage, cut hole in floor, put in hump, install trans, exhaust, driveshaft, etc.)

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