On Black Friday I picked up an Honor 6x for $150. It’s a budget Android phone that has some mid-range features to make a compelling phone at the original $260 list price and a ridiculous bargain for the $150 I paid.

I’m not a mobile gamer, so I don’t need the higher end processors that end up just using more battery. At the same time, I’m a demanding consumer that won’t accept lag. This phone strikes a good balance between power and function, with minimal lag. I’m impressed.

Battery life is ridiculous. This last weekend I went from Saturday morning through bedtime Sunday night without a charge, and that’s with quite a lot of surfing and screen time, lots of music streaming, lots of camera use. Blows my windows phones out of the water, makes my iOS 11 5s an absolute laughing stock, embarrasses my wife’s iOS 11 6s, and shames my LG V20.

Screen: looks great.

Touch: no issues

Fingerprint sensor: faster than iOS and faster than my V20.

UI: Emotion UI. EMUI isn’t as bad as I expected, no complaints. I would prefer a stock or AOSP but this is good enough that I don’t have any desire to root and room. The same cannot be said for the Galaxy J3 my mother in law just picked up.


Build: great. Looks far more expensive than it was.

Issues: heres the things that bug me. First, no equalizer. Second, the light sensor is terrible leading to the brightness auto adjusting for no reason and goes from visible to non and back again with no change in ambient light. Lastly, Bluetooth. When connecting a new device it only shows the mac address and not the ssid. At least until you connect. Which isn’t an issue unless there are multiple discoverable devices in range and you have no idea which one is your device.


Altogether a damn good phone for the money, with a few minor quibbles. I don’t regret not spending 50% more for the Moto G5+, but at $225 it was a tough decision.