One year ago today I was given authorship and put up my first post here on Opposite Lock. It feels like I've been here forever though. I've been on Jalopnik for about 5 years now, and I've Suffered through many site updates, and every version of Kinja, which has improved massively, yet still manages to suck. I didn't discover Oppo until about a year and a half ago, when I was bored at work and the FP wasn't updating fast enough. After a few months of reading, I decided that it was time to try my hand at some real automotive journalism, so I requested authorship. (thanks to nobody for adding me) My first act of "real automotive journalism" was sharing a beautiful CTS-V Wagon that I found in DC. My posts have improved since then, even including a rant about Car Infotainment Systems that made it to the FP.

Oppo has changed much since I joined, but not necessarily for the worse. Oppo has gotten bigger, more popular, and has much more visibility than ever before, and it has changed to fit that. When I found Oppo, it was a relativity tight knit group of guys (and girls), who posted whatever they thought was interesting, and whatever they thought the others would enjoy. That included some NSFW content and other very off topic things, and in general, people enjoyed it and didn't complain. Today though, that group has expanded, including more and more new people. This resulted in a lot of fresh, well written and fantastic content, along with some, lets say, less high quality stuff, and others who misunderstood or disliked some content and started complaining about it. Now personally, in terms of the NSFW stuff, I understand why some people dislike it, but compared to what has been on the Gawker, Gizmodo, and Jezebel FPs, I find it generally more tasteful and less offensive, but that's just my opinion. We have more people posting than ever before and may be experiencing some growing pains, but we also have people like Tavarish and Tom who were hired and now run their own sub-blog. We also have the recently announced Past Initiative which sounds like it will result in some great content. Despite all the change, Oppo is still the place it was when I joined, it is still the place to find some of the best damn automotive content on the Internet.

Thanks for sitting through my little rant and enjoy some Subaru cake.

Edit - Kinja loves eating titles.