I brought the 348 home one year ago today. I had an amazing mixture of feelings with that day. Driving from the dealer to my house was probably the most nervous I’ve ever been. When it was finally in my garage, my mind still couldn’t process what happened. My only response was laughter. I would peek into the garage and just start laughing because I was so happy. I would text a friend, and just start laughing. Laughed the whole conversation I had with my brother. It was insane. I’ve never felt like that before.

Angels Crest

Anyways, I don’t have time right now to give you a detailed report of the past year but all I can say is that it has been good. Really good. I still get a smile when I look at the car. I already told you the story of events that led to this car so expect a few more stories to come!

Yo Dawg, I heard you like pictures
Dirty Windshield

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