One year Oppoversary

Hey Oppo, as it turns out I totally missed the one year mark from when I started writing on here, which was 2/4/17, is coming up. In that time, a lot has changed and I’d like to think I’ve improved at writing.... though I also acknowledge I don’t take the time to proof these like I used two [insert funny quip - DELETE ME].

See what I did there?

Anyway, I figure it’d be fun to go over what I’ve written about in the last year:

West Coast Cheap Car Challenge

My opening contribution to the oppoverse was a write up of our first “Top Gear” adventure. Though saying it is cliche, this trip was truly life changing. No one expected it to be, but all three of us came out of it with a completely different perspective on life.


Anyway, this is oppo not somewhere were to talk about feelings. For this trip we flew to San Diego, bought cheap cars, and then immediately drove them up Highway 1 and 101 to Seattle. It was an epic tale of breakdowns, mystery fluids, and three guys falling in love with their deeply different cars.

My Saab Story/ Project Dumpster Fire

Next up was the tale of misery that is my Saab Story, later to be known as “Project Dumpster Fire”. I started with my recovery story, where after several years of trying I finally got my Saab back from a crazy mechanic.


The poor Saab had a lot of problems and after almost a year of chipping away at it, I decided the best way to finish the project was to agree to take it on a Saab club drive. That started a three week journey that... did not go well.


After an interlude for our next Top Gear style road trip, I got back on the horse and took the Dumpster Fire to a Saab drive, forcing it to make a 500 mile journey. It made it almost 400 miles of that!


The Saab was eventually revived and is running now. I still can’t find 5th gear and the trunk lock fell out, but these are minor problems in the complex tapestry that is the Dumpster Fire.


Overland Cheap Car Challenge

While doing the voice-over for the video of the first trip (that defiantly doesn’t exist) George said the infamous line:


So here we are. Eighteen months after the first trip we set off on our second. This time we were going to buy four wheel drive cars and use back-country and unimproved roads as much as possible to string together parks and outdoorsy sights.

It was epic.


I still haven’t finished the write-up or video of this trip, but it was an absolute blast. Way different than the last one, but special in its own way.


More Offroading

Spoiler alert: I kept the Land Rover Discovery I bought during the above trip. If I had dogs they’d all be the weird emotionally damaged ones you find on the side of the road... oh wait... :sigh:

Anyway, George and Taylor both disposed of their cars at the end of the trip, but George caught the off-roading bug bad enough he bought a Fiat Jeep and Taylor isn’t far behind. This gave us the opportunity to do something called the “Oklahoma Adventure Trail,” or at least half of it.


What’s next?

There are a lot of ongoing project that I’d like to keep up on. The Disco needs new head gaskets, I’m still trying to buy land for a shop, the Alfa needs some major surgery, and the Saab and I need to rebuild some trust.


As far as trips go I really need to finish the write up of our Overland trip and we plan of finishing the Oklahoma Adventure Tail in 2018. Also I might do a Lemon Rally and will probably attend the yearly Alfa Romeo meet in Eureka Springs.

Oh and I guess I am president of our local Volvo club now. So that is weird.

Either way, 2018 looks like a car heavy year. Or at least I hope so!

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