One Year Review: A Review on Owning and Modifying my Focus ST

Every once in awhile I see someone on Oppo post a review of their car, so I figured with a little time on my hands I would do the same.

So, a little over one year ago I traded my treacherous 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer (literally the worst car I’ve ever owned and I’ve had cars catch on fire. They weren’t as bad as the Lancer) in for my 2014 Ford Focus ST. I had spent month’s researching what I wanted. Being a car guy you understand it varies wildly.

Finally, I settled on the Focus ST, it was the most practical (scary word, I know) of all my choices. I got the ST3 package mostly because I love HID’s and Recaros. The sunroof I could have done without but at the time of purchase it was difficult to locate one, silver wasn’t even my first choice. I was living in Houston at the time and they had to bring one in from Alabama because there was such a lack of inventory for them.

It was about a month into the purchase (and living in Nebraska now) when I decided to throw on a Cobb CAI (because hearing the turbo is kind of nice) and a MBRP 3-inch exhaust. I thought “that should be good enough”, but when the mod bug bit, it bit hard.

The next thing you know I’m ordering an intercooler, piping, downpipe and a Cobb AP3 tuner and having it shipped to my brother’s shop down in Houston. So I took the car back down to Houston, and left with more power.


So I got through the winter (thanks to some awesome Nokian Hakkapeliita R2’s) pretty harmlessly for my wallet. But it started to get nice, and there was auto-x, and track days. So obviously I’m like “OMG I NEED ALL THE GRIP”. I justified this by seeing a great deal on some Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 wheels from a vendor on the forum. A sign, right? I had to. This was followed by getting a set of Nitto NT-01 tires.

After participating in the first auto-x with this setup I then told myself I needed coilovers. Too much compression in the shocks for this offset, suffered from slight tire rub under hard cornering. A short time later I had some BC Racing BR Type coilovers on their way. Got them installed right before the next auto-x. And my goodness... I had all the grip now.


Now we are closer to today with this review. Last week I took it on the track for the first time. Had some great runs....

....but the brakes, the fade... sigh. I MUST HAVE ALL THE BRAKES.

so two days ago...


Hawk HP+ pads and StopTech slotted rotors. Along with new braided brake lines and fluid.

So there you have it... this review pretty much just shows that I have a problem guys. I am never content. Maybe we can start an Oppo support group?

Stuff I’m waiting to have installed: Meth kit and Mishimoto Oil Cooler.


Next week’s story will probably be something along the lines of “My car is too slow, so I put 4 turbos on it”

EDIT: I’m sure some of you are wondering why I would do all this to a daily driver, especially the brake pads, but this isn’t my daily anymore. Recently got something to match it.

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