Saturday marked my one year anniversary of trading up from a Ford Focus to the Boostang.

Here she was on delivery with the Focus behind her. I only had that car two years before I got bored.

The Mustang was a giant leap in the right direction for me. This is much more a car suited to me than the Focus ever was. I have never denied the need for fuel effeciency, but I have also never been an adherent to the thought of MPG over all other attributes that I sometimes see in others. I’m also not someone who needs that howl of a V8 engine, despite some assertions that the Ecoboost Mustang isn’t a real Mustang because of the 4cyl. This is the decendent of the SVO Mustang of the 80's.

A day after taking it home and it was looking good.

Though I was much happier in this car straight from delivery than I was in the Focus, I was never one to be content to leave well enough alone. So “improvements” had to be made. Or maybe I’m just a huge proponent of modifying your car to fit yourself even better.

Today, while this is the same car in nearly every way, there are a lot of things done that make it “My Mustang”. OK, it’s a little faster than stock, and handles just a little better than stock, and I think looks a little better than stock, but maybe that’s just me...

After a “spirited” drive this past Saturday.

Mustang GT grille, with custom painted accents.
Wider aftermarket wheels
Carbon fiber accents on mirrors, upper rear wing and front turn signals
LED 4th brake light and LED rear side markers

The ever popular engine bay photo.

Underhood and underneath:
Eibach Springs
Steeda strut brace, lower K Brace and Rear Bushings
Mishimoto Intake, oil catch can, and Intercooler piping
CPe Intercooler
Gibson catback exhaust
Lots of small touches and covers for ugly bits.

Shift ball replacement.
Guess what’s on the plan for this year?

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