We all do it; get bored, go on a manufacturer's website, and use their configurator to build a car that we most likely can't afford. I know I'm guilty of it and I guarantee you all are as well. Now I can't be the only one who thinks certain manufacturers do online configurators better than others.

BMW's online configurator, for example, is probably one of the best ones around.

It shows you the visual changes certain items make to the car. There's also a list on the side that shows you the base MSRP, added options and their cost, as well as a total MSRP. It's very comprehensive and easy to navigate. If you hover over an option, it gives you a detailed explanation as to what it does. You have the option of a 360 degree view of the outside, or a 360 degree view of the inside. Like I said, one of the best ones around.

Dodge's on the other hand, could use some improvement.


At first, it looks promising. You get a large image of the car and the color changes depending on which you select. Then when you select an interior color, an image of the interior comes up in the correct color. Once you get to the options list though, things start to fall apart a bit. The image doesn't show any of the modifications the options you select do to the car, which you think it would given all the visual packages Dodge offers on all their cars. I find myself having to google pictures of cars with the option packages to see what they look like. So Dodge; time to update your configurator.


There's a few more good ones around. All the GM company's configurators are pretty good, as well as FoMoCo's. Ferrari's is on the same level as BMW's, except it doesn't give you option prices or a total price (which I'm always curious to know.) Audi's new configurator is good, but there's no 360 option for the interior or exterior, and it locks up for me often.


There's plenty of not-so-good ones around too. Honda's is just about the same as the Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler/Fiat configurator. Toyota's isn't that great, nor is Lexuses. Kia and Hyundai's doesn't even give you a picture of the interior color you choose sometimes, even for their higher tier luxury cars. It's 2014, I feel like these kind of configurator are just unacceptable when other companies have had great ones for years.