UPDATE: Cynthia is ready to close me out with a price for internet only of $109/month plus taxes and fees. Not so fast. I am on the website and see that the regular price for my internet package is $100/month. She tells me that is the current price for my service, but I started service at a point in the past when it was higher. I tell her that I wasn’t paying that price, that I was under a bundled price, so this new amount she just instituted has nothing to do with my historical price. She tells me to get the new $100 price, I need to cancel my internet and restart it by having a tech come out and reconnect. I told her this kind of thing is why everyone hates AT&T They advertise one price but charge another. I have a manager set to call me back. Yeah, right, that will resolve things.

UPDATE to the update: The price is really going to be $126/month. The manager told me the earlier price is a 12 month commitment price. I’m not doing commitments. This company sucks. Not because of the amount, but because they are demonstrably and unashamedly dishonest.


I’m cancelling my land line and TV packages and keeping my internet service. Cynthia, the very nice lady helping me, has been going through a cost analysis to convince me to keep all my services with promotions and discounts she can give me that will take $75 per month off my bill and still allow me to keep everything. Because of course she is. It’s her job to keep customers if she can.

Thing is, even her best offer is still $40 a month more than what I pay for just internet alone. And I don’t watch much TV at all. Football season is over for my wife. All the calls to our landline these days are just solicitations of one sort or another. There is just no advantage to keeping these services anymore. Also, I got her to admit that this price she’s giving me is for 12 months and will have early cancellation penalties, plus I’ll be right back her in 12 months with a jacked up price over $200/month.

I was given the task of cancelling our services today, and by golly, I shall fulfill my mission.