Only at Oppo could I maybe find a Back to the Future geek who also follows high end car collecting, so here's a question...

Old Ferraris change hands for 15-50 million, depending on the provenance and rarity and a few other factors. Depends which rich collector wants what. So the question is: If the real DeLorean from Back to the Future, not a replica, ever was auctioned by Universal, say for charity and signed by Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd with the appropriate hype, what kind of money could it fetch?

Both are sitting at the Peterson in Los Angeles right now. The screen-used car and what i’m told may be the most valuable of all GTOs. It made me think.


The 60-80 year old guys who pay crazy Ferrari 250 GTO money in this case are now dot-commers under 50 with similar money. There’s only 1 real one, as opposed to a few dozen GTOs. Is there a chance it could get 5m? 10m

Discuss amongst ourselves.

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