After setting some fairly nice times at Laguna Seca this last weekend in my 26 year old Corvette C4 (1:55's — hoping to get to high 1:40's) the rear brakes and rotors need replacing, and I’m still having trouble with the brakes failing once they get hot despite flushing the fluid. I was also worried about the diff as during a previous NASA/SCCA inspection the axle moved in and out of the diff slightly, which is no bueno. I also had cause for concern about a rear wheel bearing. As I am busy this weekend and on the track again next weekend, I decided to drop it off at the shop with a list of requests.

This involved me driving away from the direction of work this morning and then taking public transit in, which of course means taking a long walk to one train to transfer to another train and both had problems. The first one broke down entirely. Then there was construction. Then there were demonstrators and riot police as I work by UCSF and whenever the regents meet there’s protestors everywhere. So it takes me two hours to get in.

Now you’re probably thinking I got to work and realized I had the keys in my pocket. You’re close. Really close.


One block form my work was parked a Lexus with really nice wheels. They had on each wheel a lug nut that requires the magical key to take the lug off to keep someone from stealing the wheels. I immediately realized my mistake.

As you take everything that could become a projectile out of the car before going onto the track, guess where the lug nut key was? With all my track stuff, which was not in the car.

Kinda hard to work on the brakes if you can’t get the wheels off. So guess what my day involves tomorrow?

So in addition to new brakes, rotors, fluid, and whatever else, I am getting four new non-security lug nuts added to my order as I’ve hated that keyed lug nut hassle since day one.


Life: 1

Me: 0

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