My video of a left-lane blocker getting buster by an undercover cop has seen a surprising amount of viewership of late, and as such, a large number of comments. Most have been people saying what they know about “keep left” laws and venting their frustrations about the drivers who disobey them. However, a few people are incessantly bitching about how terrible this video is given that I’m too far away from the action to see much for most of the video. Now this would be a valid criticism if it were, say, a staged video. It’s true that I’m quite far back and you can only really see a vague sets of tail lights representing the police cruiser, and a sort of dark blob barely determinant as a separate entity for the Jeep. Yet the way people are phrasing these complaints, it’s as though my entire day should’ve been planned around making this video; like that was my only job. Who in their right mind would think that a person should floor their huge family SUV, with their family inside, to catch up to a police officer conducting traffic enforcement in the hopes that they get a good video of the cop doing something and don’t incidentally get pulled over themselves because hey you just came flying up on a cop from a quarter mile back.

I know this is exactly what is expected from the YouTube comments section, but I still felt the need to post because I’m not sure if people are trolling or are genuinely that stupid. Probably both.