I get involved in some controversial issues by nature of what I do.

Years ago, I represented a small dairy (500 cows, 3 employees) owned by a Portuguese immigrant family, run by the illiterate dad and highschool educated son. They made every mistake an employer can make, in the midst of horrible economic times. Their exposure stood to cost them everything.

His attorneys (Legal Aid, government funded) refused to believe the family was not sitting on a pile of gold like Scrooge McDuck, and refused to settle, and all options led to bankruptcy. No private attorneys would hound a business to extinction (nothing to collect), but these attorneys had a pocketful of taxpayer funds, and idealogical zealotry driving them. The litigation dragged on for years, including appeals, before it finally settled. The final settlement was less than 1/4 of the last demand at mediation, and the farm is still operating today.

Legal Aid attorneys are prohibited by federal law from representing the undocumented. In desperation, I verified the plaintff’s lack of status, and got his attorneys thrown of the case, and saved my clients’ farm.

They have sued me personally for retaliation, claiming I wanted to get him deported. My lawyers got the case dismissed, and the federal appeals court just reversed the dismissal. There has been some news coverage casting me as a monster.


I do not hate immigrants; most of my clients are immigrants. There is a complicated story here that I am not allowed to tell because my lawyers worry that I am a loose cannon, which is not unfounded. This is a difficult evening.

Don’t hate me too much, Oppo. I am not as bad as you might think.