Oof. I swear, no more cars until 2020 at least.

I need to not look at classifieds. The real thing that gets me is Facebook marketplace. It knows what I like, as such it’s all old VWs, BMW, Porsches, and Toyotas. It just got me again, just like it did with my last 2 used car purchases.

I was thinking about moving up to a Sequoia for the past couple of weeks. I don’t need extreme off road ability, but I do need interior space, comfort, and some off road along with towing. Decided before I made a move I’d bring my 4Runner to my welder and have him look at the spots on the frame that need repair so I could make an informed decision.


His feeling is it isn’t that bad, and he can repair everything that is rusted for about $700. It passed inspection back in February or so, and runs mint, but it’s still just a bit too small. So I decided to look around, but not seriously.

What pops up last night 20mi from me? A damn Sequoia for $6k. With a new frame and all the assorted bits that get replaced at the same time, so it’s got all new brake lines, shackles, LCAs, transmission lines, springs etc in the ad. Looks good, so I drive down there this morning, knowing I can afford to buy it outright, but not sure because of timing belt question, tires etc.

I go and look at it, and damn it. It looks new. Open the hood and the timing belt and water pump are from last year, pull the records from Toyota and it had all the fluids changed with the frame, new battery, new everything. The only rust I can find on anything is some of the brackets where things bolt to the body, and the trailer hitch, everything else is new. They basically rebuilt this truck, and with 185k on it, it’s going to last a lot longer.


Even the interior looks practically new. Everything electric works great, AC blows cold, and it drives perfectly. Goes in and out of 4wd without issue, I hook up my Autel scanner and there are no codes, no faults, nothing. Really, I don’t have much choice here.

Total out the door was $5800 including 20 day plate and inspection. Only thing I see for the near future will be tires, otherwise I’m not anticipating any work on this.


So yeah. I now own 5 cars. Gotta sell the 4Runner, I’ve got one more vehicle than I have space now. Anyone looking for a great running 2001 4Runner? Oppos get a discount.

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