Severe scoring on the Cam cover.

“It just smoked a bit”my behind. That’s just the cam cover (and upper journal)!

The Head looks meeehdecent.

The Cam rides in aluminum. No bearings. I don’t know how they treated the surfaces yet. But this mill is looking like it suffered infrequent Erl changes.

Well now.. That piston does not look like it’s had 30+ years of abuse. Huh.


Ahh. There it is. Piston skirts shouldn’t be that reflective. That shiny spot is proof of the wear.

Overall? For a 30 year old Air/Erl cooled engine? She’s salvageable! Not one I’m going to use right away though. I have one more Tree Fiddy to tear down on the bike that tried taking my life. And I know how good the gearbox on that one is first hand.