When I drive around there is still this knocking sound from the front of the car.

Struts you say??? Pretty unlikely, I just replaced the front struts about 500 kms ago, and the rears 300 kms ago.

Also despite the new struts (which definitely needed replacing) the car is hard to control over bumps. The wheel likes to move around. I don't really understand since new struts should have helped this problem.

I am wondering if it's the tie rods or possibly the tie rod ends.

Previously I thought the car knocked under braking, I think it actually just knocks over bumps.

Here is the question: If I get my car up on jack stands...how does one examine if the tie rods/rod ends need replacing? What would be a diagnostic test one could use? I looked at this website...and they say you basically need an alignment rack.



Any oppoinions on this?

Thanks for reading

F body as present.