My parts stash for the Cougar is now complete for my first big project, rebuilding the front end. These pretty little things are a big part of it, as well as the plethora of bushings and new arms. Soon, I will have a happy suspension and steering setup. After this is complete, I’ll move to the rear, where more disc brake conversion (yeah!) and leaf springs will be swapped in.

These suckers are light!!

Other than swapping in some more comfortable seats, that’ll wrap up the projects for the Cougar in 2017, most likely. Still plenty on the to-do and wish list to keep me busy in years to come, though.

Grab-a-Trak 1" sway bar and drop springs springs.


Pretty control arms and ball bearing roller perches. Woo! I’m curious to see how frozen the old perches are. If all of this doesn’t make a difference in how the Cougar handles, well, it’s time to dump it. That said, everything looks like it’s at least decades old. I’m excited to get started!


90 degree grease fittings installed
Roller spring perches