Hilarity at the ski hill. Before it snowed about 8 inches in an hour this parking lot was dry and this must have come to a shock to the California and Texas plated cars in the lot. To exit the lot, there is a small slope and despite an accurate weather forecast, and a mandate for winter tires from November to April there was at least 3 minivans, 2 sedans, 1 van (pictured) and 2 crossovers who couldn’t make it up. there is a long line of prepared people trying to get home and its backed up because somewhere down canyon there are more people being dumb. So instead of waiting for this line to go away so they can take a run at the hill, they would try anyway and get stuck, then someone would go around them and get stuck somewhere else on the hill. At one point there were 4 cars unable to make it up the hill at one time, blocking all prepared traffic from leaving.

it was pretty comical. people were also being super jerky about letting people in. Pretty though, and it was fun to be stuck at the cafe for an hour with the family. I mean it, I love being up in the mountains when its puking snow, even if its just waiting for the numpties to clear out.