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Ooooh Jalopnik. Let's go back over this.

1. Travis should be leading the discussion. Doug comes off smug and confrontational. Script the discussions better, less argument. You should have structured this conversation as a power vs fun suspension discussion with Aaron in the middle.


Doug DeMuro is not Matthew McConaughey. Sorry.

2. You can see the edges of the set and the green screen behind it, especially early on in the video.


3. Aaron Brown is the best spoken but not nearly as comfortable. He’s slouching, have him sit up better.

4. Do rule of thirds, not dividing the screen in half between the two presenters. See: After/Drive videos.


5. At 7:20 you get some weird camera work again zooming up on Travis’s face. Half of the screen is blank space, that’s not good.

6. Audio mixing needs to be done a little better to get a more balanced sound. It sounds muted and stilted, even quiet. When the conversation gets quiet you should be able to equalize it a bit better.


7. Have an additional camera angle showing all 3 of them. I know you don’t want to use this because when you do, it shows the edges of the set, but get your camera work figured out so you can do this without exposing the edges.

8. Your camera work is jittery. Especially during zoom. Keep it smooth.

9. Go over the prices when you introduce a car rather than just saying it’s under $30,000.


10. Aaron stares at the camera while others are talking. Focus on the person talking to avoid this, and also remind him not to stare at the camera unless speaking to it.

11. The conversation was concluded at 15 minutes. Why didn’t you just do a separate video for Tavarish’s section? 21 minutes is fairly long for a youtube video, and while the tops are related, the videos themselves are distinct enough that it would serve better to separate them.


12. Tavarish’s segment was good, but Doug’s audio gets a little messed up at around 16:30 at his place. I don’t know what the fuck was going on but it sounds like your boom/shotgun mic failed and you resorted to the lapel mics, but didn’t do any postproduction on the sound to make it match. You got echoes galore.

13. Doug obviously doesn’t work well when someone else, like Tavarish is dominating the conversation. Instead of a conversation, he’s mostly just looking for his chance to argue against him and interject. Work on the chemistry and having him foster discussions and vet questions, rather than flat out disagree. See: Mike Spinelli.


19:35: Camera focus is off.

19:50: The lighting settings on the second camera here are different than the first.


Here’s your model to follow:

Good luck.

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