My brother and I work about 30 miles from each other in two very different communities. I work in the largest “metropolitan” area in our state (I put that in quotations because our state is Vermont - therefore our largest metropolitan area has roughly the same headcount as a couple of New York City subway cars. The other of us is in a small town known mostly for Ben and Jerry’s and being the highway exit one would use to get to Stowe.

We both work in the car business and converse regularly. Most usually when something interesting has gone by. Last Tuesday I get a message that a green Lambo was spotted on his drive in. I was fortunate enough to be able to respond that I had, in fact, been passed by an accelerating Audi R8 V10 in the opposite lane. While obviously not the same thing (especially since his turned out to be an Aventador, it was at least something - and, boy ohh boy that noise is unbelievable.

But, anyway, all of that is making a short story long. My brother had come across a couple other Lambo pictures that appeared on his facebook page and did some interneting (busy day at the office, you know!) to come across this:…

For those leery of the clicky, it’s basically a Lamborghini only cruise from Maine to Boston via Stowe, VT.

We quickly decided, since that happened to be their night in Stowe and the website conveniently told use where they were staying, we would sneak up there that night to walk around and drool like a schoolboy’s first Playboy.

All but one of the photo’s below were taken in the dark with my ipotato. Because of the lack of light I only took a few pictures.


One of these things is not like the others...

Fifteen cars in total. About three Gallardos and the remainder a mixture of Aventadors and Huracans. I feel like there has been talk about how “un-striking” the new Lambos have been - watered down by their Audi brethren. Seeing a Huracan next to a Gallardo, I’m not sure I agree with that. The headlights are smaller, but, it’s even more angular from the front, side and over the engine - and, man, dat ass. (cue random photo from the internet because I failed to take a picture of the back of any of these cars...)


Then there’s this thing....


Yes, that’s chrome plated...and yes those are lime green accents...and yes, that does say “TeamSolomone” on the side and came with the most Charlie Sheen-est license plate ever “winning”. Anyone who doesn’t recognize the name should do a search for the world’s most stereotypical Lamborghini owner.

Lastly, another shot of the full line. One of the Valet’s was out there pulling each car up to give a good hosing (that sounds like a terrible job, huh?). So we got to hear at least one of each start up. I know that’s nothing even remotely close to the full-throttle wail, but, they still surprise you when that starter whirs and then the first howl of life that’ll make any car guy giddy.


It’s nice to see a field of cars that aren’t all f’n gray. Of course, I’m a boring guy - so, I’ll take mine in white, please.

We were surprised to see a bunch of dealer plates. We were also surprised to not see anything older than a Gallardo. But, then we remembered it was a July day in Vermont - read: hot and humid. So, presumably, all the older one were either getting their electricity filled up, steaming up the engine bay, or their famous coughing mouse air con cooked their drivers.

Today I go to the Stowe Classic Car Show - in the daytime even! Should be some better pictures for that. Will report my findings during the week.


Thanks for reading!