The best timed bad thing to happen in the history of bad things.

So I was giving the Integra an Italian tune up when I noticed that it’s starting to make a pinging sound. At first I was on some rough so I though it might be something relatively innocuous, but I soon confirmed it sounds like someone rattling a coffee can full of BBs; plus it only happens above 4.5k rpms at more than 3/4 throttle.


Now what’s the primary cause of pinging? Carbon buildup! (I’ll actually take it to a shop to have them scope it before deciding anything.) Now where is one place carbon buildup takes place? The cylinder head! What’s one of the differences between a LS and GS-R Integra? The cylinder head!

Also of happenings, my brother is deploying in the fall and has asked me to keep his car for him while he’s gone. I haven’t ran this by him yet, but I’m sure he’ll agree.

I add myself to his insurance, pay it, and daily drive his Hyundai.

I leave the Integra with my Mom or Uncle and get to swapping the head, re-ringing the pistons, and probably engine bearings. As well as swapping the ECU to a GS-R one and possibly OBD-II too!


Or should I just start putting 91/3 octane in it (which I’ll do in the meantime anyway) and don’t worry about it?

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