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Ooooooo....Z125 temptation!

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For those who may remember, I had a Grom last year for a few months. I bought it at the start of summer for cheap and sold it for what I paid for it at the end of summer. Now the dealership down the street from me has brand new Z125s for less than I paid for the Grom. I may or may not do the same thing as last year and see if I can basically rent a minibike for a few months for the price of insurance.


I know I was looking at turning the FoST in to buy a pickup truck but the deals are crap in my area and my company slowed down so much we almost shut down multiple times in the past month sooooooo I’m no longer willing or able to take that risk. The Z125 can, like I said, at least be sold for what I have into it really quickly.

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