Today after work, I unlocked the car, noticed the egg cartons I had put on the passenger seat to remind me that I needed to stop by a local farm to get fresh eggs. While my mind marveled at the that fact that this mnemonic device had worked so well, my body somehow managed to get into the seat, turn the key, and start backing out until I was awakened by a loud bang.

Turns out I hadn't turned around or checked my mirrows or anything, and therefore punched a flat black VW Up right in the nose. No real visible damage on it, except that the license plate was twisted, my car seemed to have taken most of the impact as it hit it on the corner of the bumper. But with flat black, that's hard to tell.


Gave her (A colleague! What a shame!) my insurance info, and she'll have it checked out at her shop. Prolly nothing, or not much.

My bumper looked really bent though! (Sorry, I was in no mood to take a pic.) I managed to put it back in place on site and sulked my way home. (Didn't get the eggs.) It didn't exactly snap back in. You can still move it backwards and forwards a tiny bit, but that takes force, and it won't flap in the wind or anything.

Since we are currently getting the good side of that ice monster you guys are going through right now, it was a warm spring day in central Europe, so I brought out a chair and went to town with the really abrasive stuff to see what's what.


Turns out, it was mostly "enemy" paint that buffed out quite well! That crack is going to stay, as any attempt at fixing it will only look worse. All in all it's a "war wound" that I can live with, given that it's a car that will turn 15 this year. So it's mostly my pride that got hurt......

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