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Girlfriend’s hood flew open on the highway. She just got a new windshield today so I did something about the mess that is the rest of the everything. Also, I cleaned the Nissan so I can daily it for the next five days.

A look at the latch revealed the radiator support is bent from a previous accident (I guess) and there’s no way the latch is safe. So I removed it, then grabbed a 4x4 and did some strategic hood-slamming to un-dent the hood. It looked better than the car did when my girlfriend first got it last year.


$10 worth of hood pins at Autozone and the MAGIC OF STEP DRILL BITS and the hood is now solid as a really shitty rock.

Oh also this thing is still kicking around. I haven’t managed to sell a goddamn thing.


Smells a lot less like mold now. Still a bunch of flakes of baking soda. I ‘ll have to get a stiff-bristle-brush next week and try getting that stuff loose so a vacuum can pick it up. Meh.

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