Rallycrossed the subaion today. It didn’t go particularly well.

Started out by dressing up my car for the occasion.


Then my fender liner ripped out

The fog light cover fell off later and was recovered.

I caught the run on camera. At around the 30 second mark, I hit the mud and you hear a loud crashy noise. Then I slo-mo’d the video where you can see my poor fender liner laying on course.

Luckily it appears largely intact. Ordered some new clips to put it back in when I do brake pads


RallyX is fun, lots of steering required

Of course it was hot, I was tired, and the combination of the two left me feeling very ill by the time we got to the afternoon runs. It got to the point where I couldn’t bear to put my helmet on so I took an early leave to go home and recover.


In other news, my autocross wheels are freshly dressed in Direzza ZII star specs, and I have fresh Hawk HP5.0's to install before the next autox. Should help the car nicely.

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