We may have missed a somewhat critical calculation.

What I “need”

Two weeks from now I’m making a second run to Arkansas to char some wood. Some of you may recall what happened last time I did this. The difference is that, where last time was just a test run of 14 boards, this time is the production run. How many more boards am I taking this time?

400 boards

“Cool, no problem, we’ll just throw it on a trailer and drag it down there.”

This is the amount of thought that my classmates had put into this. I’ve been absurdly busy running around putting out other “fires” and trying to get AWS 2G structural welding certified to stop and think about that number. Today I found out that I would be the one driving the truck and trailer, at which point it dawned on me...


We have no idea how much that wood weighs.

A couple of quick calculations and a call to the lumber yard later I got my answer.


11,000 lbs

Fun fact: a Chevy 1500 with a 5.3 V8, which the university motor pool has, can only tow 11,000 lbs. Add a 24 foot trailer into the mix, and I’ll need closer to 13,000-15,000 lbs capacity.


What I have

So now I’ve got to search around the University to find a 3/4 ton pickup or if that fails, try to convince a local dealership to loan me a pickup for a week.


This would also work.

Additional fun fact: I’ve never towed more than a uhaul sized trailer before. So I’m clearly the most qualified to drive a combined 20,000 lbs of vehicle and cargo.